Summer Camps Registration

Summer Camps are now open for registration and begin 6/4/24.  More information about the camps we offer this year can be found on the “Camps” page under the “Classes/Camps” tab.

Winter Registration

Winter registration is now open under the “Classes/Shop Classes” tab.  Classes begin 1/23/24 and run for 8 weeks, ending 3/14/24.

Mixed Media

We love to mix things up with art media – from collage to printmaking to sculpture, our curriculum is comprehensive.


Young artists love working with clay.  This medium is a great way to teach dimensional and sculptural art.


Artists explore pictorial methods of painting as well as abstract painting.  We teach a wide variety of paint media.

Art History

We infuse Art History into our projects.  We take inspiration from ancient art to contemporary artists.

Elements of Art

Our art lessons are based on teaching the foundational elements of art.

Arts Integration

We integrate math, language arts, and science into our art lessons.

Class Make-ups

Classes cancelled due to Hurricane Idalia will be made up by adding one week to the end of the current session for the affected classes.  Tuesday classes will now end 11/7 (no classes 10/31), and Wednesday classes will now end 11/1.  Class times will stay the same.  ***This ONLY affects the Tuesday and Wednesday classes.  […]