Art Club

Designed for ages 12-15 years old, this class provides art training for advancing artists in all mediums.  We focus on refining technique and encouraging artists to distinguish their own artistic styles. Lessons are complex and require more time to complete, so two weeks are allotted for one lesson.

Elements of Art Week: Elemental Animal

Famous Artist Week - Marc Chagall: Looking Through a Window

Monochromatic: Geometric Forms

Art Movement - Pointillism: Feathered Friend

Principle of Design Focus - Contrast: Exquisite Figure

*Please note that lessons are subject to change.

  • Teacher
    Lauren Templeton
  • Category
    Group Classes
  • Cost

Cancellation Policy

Before you register for classes, please be aware that we have updated our cancellation/refund policy.  A full refund will no longer be issued.  If you cancel before 8/1/22 you will receive a refund minus a $40.00 materials/admin fee.  If you cancel between 8/1/22 to 8/15/22 you will receive a 50% refund.  There will be NO refund issued after 8/15/22.  If you switch classes at any time, there will be a $20.00 admin fee.