Art Bambini

Art Bambini introduces clay, painting and drawing to little ones. Designed for ages 1-3 (accompanied by an adult), this program offers a multi-sensory approach to art discovery.

Self-Portrait Week: Watermelon Footprint

Principle of Design Focus - Pattern: Bubble Wrap Print

Culture Study - Inuit: Snowstorm

Architecture Week: Skyscraper

Purple Week: Balloon Stamp

Famous Artist Week - Georgia O'Keeffe: Clay Flower

Concept Emphasis - Abstract: Rothko

  • Teacher
    Lauren Templeton
  • Category
    Group Classes
  • Cost

Cancellation Policy

Before you register for classes, please be aware that we have updated our cancellation/refund policy. A full refund will no longer be issued. If you cancel before 12:00 pm on 1/2/23 you will receive a refund minus a $40.00 materials/admin fee. If you cancel between 12:01 pm on 1/2/23 to 12:00 pm on 1/10/23 you will receive a 50% refund. There will be NO refund issued after 12:01 pm on 1/10/23. If you switch classes at any time, there will be a $20.00 admin fee. Email the studio for switching instructions.